Awards & Categories


Our awards recognise every entrant’s efforts in improving their local environment. Entrants are assessed to a consistent standard with each entry receiving an award that recognises the standard reached.

The awards are:

Gold – Outstanding – (85% and above) (overall 170-200 points)

Silver Gilt- Very good – (70-84%) (Overall 139-169 points)

Silver – Good – (55-69%) (Overall 109-138 points)

Bronze Average – (39-54%) (Overall 78-108 points)

Certificate of Commendation Fair – (0-38%) (Overall 0-77 points)

Britain in Bloom Core Categories 

NB: Populations are based on Electoral Role not Census

Britain in Bloom It’s Your Neighbourhood awards 

A non-competitive award scheme for small local communities who are making a difference locally. The Britain in Bloom IYN’s Awards are free to enter, but must be from a group that is hands on and involved in gardening.

Our Community 

A competitive category for It’s Your Neighbourhood entrants. Judged at the same time as IYN’s but carries an entry fee of £35.00. Awards are given, Gold, Silver Gilt, Silver & Bronze and an overall winner is declared at the London in Bloom Awards

London in Bloom Categories

Special Awards

In addition to the borough and community awards trustees present special awards to community groups, local authorities, businesses and individuals who in the opinion of the Trustees & Judges have achieved excellence.

Parks & Green Space Awards

Cemetery Awards

London  in Bloom also awards Certificates of Excellence to those who have made a contribution to the local “in Bloom” effort.