The Changing face of Bloom

5th January 2018 by admin066

The Changing Face of Bloom

Bloom has enjoyed 52 years in London and still remains a powerful tool for positive change. However, the way Bloom is being delivered across the UK is changing. No longer are all local authorities able to organise and manage Bloom and consequently many once proud and successful City entries are no longer involved. This is true in London.
However, in this changing world, a number of successful alternatives have been found by enterprising London authorities who see the benefits of bloom and are embracing change.
• Involving term contractors in promoting and delivering Bloom.
• London Borough sees value in promoting Towns and & Villages in London in Bloom entry
• Community Group organises an annual Bloom entry.
• Entering Boroughs see improvements in environmental management
• Entering Boroughs receive recognition for the maintenance of Parks & Greenspaces

Bloom and it’s aims of increasing community involvement, caring for our environment, and maintaining our precious Green Spaces are seen as priorities for local authorities and London in Blooms visits are seen as a third-party-validation of their local management and the delivering of council objectives.
Throughout the UK’s 16 regions, Bloom is contributing to maintaining communities and social cohesion encourages contractors and volunteers to take up the slack left by dwindling budgets and other perceived priorities.