How does the campaign work?

How does the campaign work?

The campaign runs all year round, in which communities can participate for as long as they wish. Many participants begin in London in Bloom by entering their local Borough competition  or get involved in local community events and projects and activities that involve local people.

These activities may include group litter picks, bulb planting days and projects with local schools. In addition, local competitions (i.e. best front garden, best shop/pub frontage etc.) might be used to motivate people to participate.

All of the events and activities for local participation will then form an integral part of a community’s entry into London in Bloom in the Britain in Bloom mainstream categories. Communities enter “in Bloom” in the appropriate category based on their confirmed/verifiable electoral roll.

Once registered for London in Bloom , you will receive all the particulars of participation from us but one of the standard elements of participation is a visit from  our “in Bloom” judges/assessors  which normally happens in June/July according to which category you have entered.

Another  feature of the campaign is our awards ceremony where we present the results of the judging/assessing, this usually takes place in September