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The London in Bloom campaign is the largest horticultural campaign in London, involving 100’s of communities each year. Participating communities create lasting improvements to their local environment for the benefit of those that live, work and visit there, today and in the future.

Each year over 1,500,000 volunteer hours are donated to improving our environment and improving the quality of life locally so why not get involved too.

Who can get involved?


London in Bloom is an inclusive campaign and any community, no matter how small or large, can get involved.  London Boroughs can enter in the appropriate category (Large City, City)  but smaller areas of London Boroughs can also get involved in our Urban Community, Town, Village, Town Centre and Business Improvement District Categories.  Entry categories are either based on population (electoral roll) or on area such as in the Town Centre Categories, some have no restriction at all such as the BID category.

London in Bloom also wishes to celebrate London’s Towns & Villages that existed before the 1966 boundary changes that created London Boroughs came in.  London has 100’s of villages with many being iconic and attractive places where local people have a sense of civic and local pride and we wish to recognise that.

Alternatively a Park in your local area or a school, and for smaller groups such as community gardens  could enter our  It’s Your Neighbourhood Campaign.

Often communities first participate in their local “in Bloom” before getting involved in the regional campaign but it doesn’t have to be that way as we are happy to receive direct entries if that is  the way you would prefer to go.

Why London in Bloom?

London in Bloom is a unique campaign that enables participating communities to work across different areas and address a number of issues. It is the only campaign which takes this more integrated approach to community improvement and which uses horticulture as its foundation. Participating communities are asked to focus their initiatives on three main areas:

  1. Horticultural Achievement
  2. Environmental Responsibility
  3. Community Participation

This means “in Bloom” communities tackle everything from litter, graffiti and anti-social behaviour through to conservation, sustainability and improving horticultural standards, and that’s not to mention the positive impact on sense of place, community spirit and pride.

What are the benefits?

Communities that participate in London in Bloom benefit in a variety of ways but the most common benefits are:

  • Cleaner and greener surroundings
  • Creating a sense of community through improvement of public spaces and positive interaction between community members
  • An increase in civic pride and sense of community empowerment by engaging people in the improvement of their own community
  • Safer environments for the enjoyment of local people
  • Long term improvement for the environment by addressing issues such as sustainability, resource management, conservation, litter, graffiti etc.
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • Positive effect on the local economy such as increased commercial enterprise and increased tourism
  • Regeneration of run down and/or disadvantaged areas

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