The campaign runs all year round, in which local communities, Londons Villages, Towns & Town Centres, London Boroughs and the Business Community via Business Improvement Districts. Each year registration is opened in November and closes in late February. Judges & Assessors are assigned, and visits are arranged from mid-June to mid-July. Judges and assessors visit each entry and assess/judge to nationally agreed-on criteria. The results are announced at an award ceremony in September or October. Entries can get involved for as long as they wish but are encouraged to enter each year so their efforts can be recognised and feedback allows for further development. Participants get involved in community events, projects, and activities that involve local people and improve the quality of the surroundings.

These activities may include group litter picks, bulb planting days and projects with local schools. In addition, entries may run local competitions (i.e. best front Garden, best shop/pub frontage etc.) to motivate people to get involved.

All the events and activities will form an integral part of a community’s entry into London in Bloom in the mainstream categories. Communities enter “in Bloom” in the appropriate category based on their confirmed/verifiable electoral roll. In London in Bloom, we have the following categories:

London in Bloom runs competitive and non-competitive categories, with the non-competitive It’s Your Neighbourhood being free to enter. 

Once registered for London in Bloom, you will receive all the particulars of participation from us, including the seminars and workshop dates. 

But one of the standard elements of participation is a visit from our “in Bloom” judges/assessors 

Judges & Assessors’ scores and reports are verified during August, and certificates and trophies (for winners) are presented at the annual awards to which all are invited. 

For further information about categories, please click on the Awards & Categories menu or go directly to our registrations and enquiries site

. In London in Bloom we have the following categories:

CategoryElectoral Roll
Small Village of the Year1-300
Village of the Year301 -1,000
Large Village of the Year1,001 -2,500
Parish of the Year N/A
Small Town of the Year2,501 – 6,000
Town of the Year6,001-12,000
Large Town of the Year12001-35000
Small City of the Year35001-100,000
City of the Year100,001-200,000
Large City of the Yearover 200,001
Urban Communityup to 12,000
Small Coastalunder 12000
Large Coastalover 12000
In addition, we have non-populations based categories: 
Town Centre of the Yearup to 1 Sq. Kilometre
Town Centresover 1 Sq. Kilometre
Business Improvement Districtsnot area specific
Small Park of the Yearup to 5 acres
Park of the Year Awards6-10 acres
Large Park of the Yearover 10 acres
Country Park of the Year AwardNo size limit
Small Cemetery of the yearup to 5 acres
Cemetery of the Year5-10 acres
Large Cemetery of the Yearover 10 acres
Churchyard of the Year No size limit
Heritage Park/Landscape of the YearNo size limit
Business Landscape of the Year No size limit
Walled Garden No size limit
Small Conservation Area Up to 5 acres 
Conservation Area 5-10 Acres 
Large Conservation Area Over 10 acres 
Common/Open Space No size limit
Desktop Entries  
Environmental Challenge  
Environmental Challenge for Schools  
Front Gardens & Balconies 
Grow at Home  
Wildflowers & Weeds 
Residential Street/Road 
Roof Gardens & Living Walls  
Pubs & Restaurants   
Hotels & Guest Houses  
Shop Fronts and Work Places  

Once registered for London in Bloom you will receive all the particulars of participation from us but one of the standard elements of participation is a visit from our “in Bloom” judges/assessors which normally happens in June/July. Exceptions being that (*) will be initially desktop judged with the shortlisted entries receiving a visit.

Another feature of the campaign is our awards ceremony where we present the results of the judging/assessing, this usually takes place in September.

An Entrants seminar is organised and usually run in February or March and all entrants are invited. In April a judges meeting is held and judges are allocated a category to judge/assess. A pair of judges is selected for mainstream entries and a single judge is selected for Schools and RHS Britain in Bloom It’s Your Neighbourhood entries.

Entries are usually judges from mid-June to mid-July.

For those who are involved in Britain in Bloom finals judging usually takes place in August.

Judges scores and reports are verified during August and the annual awards to which all are invited usually takes place in September each year.

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