Londons Parks, Greenspaces & Heritage Parks & Gardens

5th January 2018 by admin066

Public Parks & Gardens and Green Spaces are among the most important places for Londoners and indeed they form part of our heritage. Infinitely variable; large and small, and often intimate places that can be enjoyed on many levels. Perhaps for just sitting and enjoying the scenery, for sport and children’s play, for gardens or wildlife, perhaps for walking the dog; Parks provide it all.
London in Bloom has for several years run competitions to find the safest and most popular Park, Gardens & Country Parks.
We have several categories from small to large from conservation area to Country Park, so something for everyone. So why not get your local authority to enter your favourite Park.
Parks also offer residents and local people the opportunity to get involved in their management & development as a volunteer so ask your local authority if they have any schemes, projects or even friends of Parks groups you could join.
We also include Churchyards, Cemeteries & Crematoria; these splendid open spaces offer many diverse features in many cases equal to parks across London. Tree Collections & Arboreta, high end horticulture, Conservation areas, wildlife meadows and of course many have local communities caring for them. So, if you have a cemetery, crematoria whether an open or closed site why not get them to enter. For entry forms or to make an enquiry go to