Sponsors, Partners & Associations

Since 1967 London in Bloom as enjoyed working with and the support of many organisations and are currently;

The Worshipful Company of Gardeners, first mentioned in City Corporation records in 1345, is a survivor from the medieval craft guilds which exercised control over the practice of their particular crafts and ensured a proper training through the system of apprenticeship.
The Company is a “living” guild and numbers among its members both professionals and amateurs who are actively involved in the craft. All are united by a common bond of horticulture and gardens.


The Metropolitan Public Gardens Association
The MPGA is a long established Charity which over the years has played a vital role in the preservation and improvement of countless gardens, neglected sites and green open spaces across London. We provide modest grants to those who share with us a desire to improve the environment and thus the quality of life for the local community. Our work brings us into contact with a wide variety of groups, including local councils, schools, hospitals, hospices, museums, voluntary organizations and community groups.


The London Gardens Society is a registered charity that has been established for over 100 years and it’s aim is “to make a permanent contribution towards beautifying London by the growing of flowers and shrubs thus improving the urban environment”.

Originally the Society gave away free seeds to encourage the citizens of London to brighten up the areas where they lived and worked by growing flowers. This has now been replaced with an annual garden competition.

The role of the London Gardens Society is one for stimulating pride in London especially by the cultivation of flowers and home Gardens.

So if you or someone you know has a lovely front garden, back garden, window boxes, containers, hanging baskets, patio, roof, balcony or a garden display in a public area no matter how small, you too, could enter! Why not join us today?

The competition also includes a class for commercial premises such as pubs and restaurants.

About Us

Bourne Amenity Hard and Soft Landscaping Material Specialists

Bourne Amenity have been supplying hard and soft landscaping materials to the industry for over 40 years. We work with the country’s largest Civil Engineering companies and most prestigious Landscape Designers and Contractors, ensuring our materials and delivery is second to none.


The Royal Parks Guild is a voluntary Partner Organisation of The Royal Parks who are responsible for managing and preserving over 5,000 acres of historic parkland across London.
Our aim is a serious one – championing The Royal Parks by promoting their qualities, including horticultural excellence and historical significance, whilst offering practical support where appropriate. Allied to this is the service to its members through the provision and development of a broad range of social activities, and keeping members abreast of current and past news of The Royal Parks.